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BlueSensor is the world’s most time and cost efficient range of electrodes that delivers unmatched readings, user convenience and patient comfort. Ambu offers a complete range of electrodes for various types of ECG procedures, to meet all hospital needs. BlueSensor electrodes give a fast and reliable trace without the need for skin preparation, maximizing comfort for the patient.


  • The offset connector prevents artifacts from disturbing the readout. Especially in demanding situations like stress test and Holter.
  • Easy attachment provides a high level of comfort for the patient and convenience for the use.
  • Double ring adhesive’s unique construction allows mounting without skin preparation and comfortable removal of the electrodes.
  • Wet gel optimizes contact between skin and electrode.
  • Lowering skin impedance effectively and immediately.
  • Exact volume of wet gel is key to securing the best possible signal.
  • Pure silver filament ensures excellent trace quality due to optimized conversion of the signal from biological to electrical

*BPL Medical Technologies is an authorised Channel partner for distributing selected products of Ambu & Kingsystems in selected geographies

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