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AP-04 is an efficient 6-layer filtration system that runs with HEPA (High efficiency particulate filters) which effectively means that it will remove 99.97% of impurities in the air. Along with active carbon and UV systems, it keeps your environment clean of all indoor pollutants.


  • 6-stage purification
  • HEPA filters with UV function-reduces 99.97% particulate matter
  • High Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR)-190 m3/hr
  • Wide coverage area up to 500 Sq Feet
  • Touch screen to change modes
  • Air quality sensor – Blue/Yellow/Red colour indication representing Air Quality
  • 4 fan speeds
  • High Resolution TFT Touch Screen with dynamic state display
  • 3 Modes: Auto/Manual/Sleep
  • Air Quality Sensors: Temperature & Humidity display


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