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The BPL BeWell mobile health solutions, a remote patient monitoring app which helps patients to monitor and track their health in real time for prevention and taking informed Health decisions. Patients can share their reports with their doctor or family members with a click of a button.


  • The BPL BeWell app lets you remotely connect to the below 3 health monitoring devices via Bluetooth, a BP Monitor, pulse oximeter and a weighing scale. Patients can use the devices connected with the BPL BeWell app, to monitor their health on a daily basis at home and share reports with their families or doctors.
  • BP Monitor – BPL BT-02 – Arm Type BP monitor, tubeless technology with Bluetooth connectivity. Accurate, hassle free BP requirement at the comfort of your home without assistance.
  • Pulse Oximeter – BPL iOxy- Bluetooth enabled smart pulse oximeter, which records the Blood oxygen saturation content,SPO2. The BPL iOxy also help patients record their Pulse rate and their perfusion index, which is an indication of the pulse strength at the sensor site.
  • Weighing Scale- PWS-01BT – Bluetooth enabled, weighing scale which lets patients track up to 13 body parameters at one point of time. Its High accuracy strain gauge sensor and 6mm tempered glass top makes its accurate and durable and can supports a total weight of up to 180Kg.


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