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E-CUBE 15 Platinum provides progressive and versatile diagnostic solutions with exceptional performance and excellent image quality that enhances diagnostic confidence. E-CUBE 15 offers extensive shared service capabilities for vascular, cardiac, abdominal, paediatric/foetal, musculoskeletal, urology, prostate, and OB/GYN practices. E- CUBE 15 minimises the complications, raising the level of confidence when clinicians conduct examinations and is fully geared for an exceptional performance in any clinical environment.


  • 21.5″ Wide LED Monitor with Super Responsive Touch Screen
  • 10.4″ touch screen with user friendly UI and customizable presets
  • Greater sensitivity, Wider bandwidth, Higher resolution
  • Motorized-height adjustment of control panel
  • Enhanced visualization of structures, clear depth perception, and color sensitivity
  • Comprehensive cardiac measurement and analysis package
  • Unparalleled image quality in 2D mode, Color Flow, and Doppler modes
  • Crystal Signature™ transducers to help increase penetration and deliver a high definition resolution
  • Volume Master™ – ALPINION’s intuitive 3D/4D software package in convex and endocavity transducers offers fast rendering speed and outstanding rendering quality for diagnosis
  • Live HQ™ – The combination of qualified 3D/4D transducers with strong performance reliability and geometrical accuracy enables ALPINION’s Live HQ™ software to render a realistic fetal shape
  • Cube Strain™ & Stress Echo-advanced cardiac software package for accurate diagnosis
  • Needle Vision ™  & Needle Vision Plus: to enhance the visibility of needle tip and shaft, making the procedure easy 
  • Cube View ™  – World’s first Real time image sharing software to improve your patient throughput and give you a diagnostic edge
  • Advanced 3D/4D rendering engine (Volume Master™ and LIVE HQ™) offering excellent details of fetus
  • High performance, lightweight Crystal Signature™ volume convex transducer for volume acquisitions
  • Wide linear transducer to evaluate breast abnormalities
  • User-oriented system and transducer design fulfills the ultimate comfort for the users as well as patients.

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