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The E-CUBE 8 diamond high-performance transducers and system realize high-resolution images. The high image clarity assists you in performing examinations more quickly and making more accurate diagnoses


  • 21.5’’ wide Full HD LED monitor (IPS).
  • 10.4’’ LED touch screen with user friendly UI and Customizable presets.
  • Storage: Combination of SSD 120GB for faster processing  and HDD 1TB for saving large amount of patient data.
  • 3 Step Gel warmer for better patient comfort.
  • Crystal Signature™ and Power View™ Transducer for better penetration and resolution.
  • Articulating monitor arm and Control panel up/down for height adjustment.
  • Volume Master™- ALPINION’s intuitive 3D/4D software package in Convex and endocavity transducers offers fast rendering speed and outstanding rendering quality for diagnosis.
  • Advanced 3D/4D features like Anyslice, Mslice and Volume Analysis for better 3D/4D diagnosis.
  • Live HQ- Premium 3D/4D feature to render a realistic view of fetus.
  • Advanced Cardiac features like stress echo, Cube strain, Auto EF, TDI.
  • Other advanced features like Strain Elastography, Auto NT, Auto IMT, Needle vision Plus available.
  • High density linear and High density Endocavity volume transducer for better resolution.

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