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The Penlon Prima 460 is a fully featured anaesthesia system that provides the ideal solution for today’s busy operating room. Penlon Prima 460 offers cascade flow tubes with electronic flow display providing a numeric representation of gas flow. It also offers generous work space, a functional top shelf module and GCX compatible monitor mount. The platform comes with a AV-S ventilator facilitating integrated oxygen monitoring, spirometry and seamless integration with both the absorber and anaesthetic machine. With fully integrated ventilator and absorber, Selectatec® compatible backbar with interlock and HIS connectivity, it is a robust and reliable workstation that fits your bill.


  • Electronic flow display and conventional flowmeter options are available
  • Six ventilation modes
  • New top shelf with secure GCX™ mounting system for patient monitors
  • Territory-specific electrical outlet options
  • Selectatec® compatible backbar (two or three stations) with interlock on three station option 
  • Illuminated work space with pull-out writing surface
  • GCX™ compatible aluminium uprights for additional accessory mounting
  • Large capacity drawer units
  • Integrated CO2 absorber and bellows unit with ventilator interface

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