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The ultrasound probes and SpO2 probes ensure high-level consistency and the extension cables provide uncompromising connectivity


Patient Monitor Probes
Product CodePatient Monitor Sensors
9GMAC008ClearSign SpO2 Probe (Paediatric)
9GMAC009ClearSign SpO2 Probe (Adult)
9GMAC010ClearSign SpO2 Probe (Neonatal)
1DMAC001Clareo Adult SpO2 Probe
57MAC015Cleo Dolphin Adult SpO2 Probe
91MED096Cleo & Magna Adult SpO2 Probe
57MAC023Cleo Dolphin Y-Probe (Compatible)
57MAC003Cleo Dolphin Y-Probe with Ear Clip
57MAC015ADolphin Adult SpO2 Probe (Compatible)
5AMAC003Excello/Ultima Prime Nellcor SpO2 Probe (Ori)
5AMAC003Excello ECO Neonatal SpO2 Probe (Soft Wrap)
2BMAC002Magna & Excello ECO Plus Child SpO2 Probe
2BMAC001Magna & Excello ECO Plus SpO2 Probe
2BMAC003Magna & Excello ECO Plus Neonate SpO2 Probe
91MED087Magna & Excello ECO Adult SpO2 Probe (Compatible)
91MED089Magna & Excello ECO Neonatal SpO2 Probe (Compatible)
91MED090Excello ECO Temperature Probe
65MAC065Ultima Nellcor Paediatric SpO2 Probe
61MAC047Aegis Nellcor Adult SpO2 Probe
1EMAC003Ultima Prime Nellcor SpO2 Probe (Compatible)
12L9G002Masimo Adult SpO2 Probe
12L9G003Masimo Neonatal Y-Probe
12L9G004Masimo Paediatric Reusable Probe
02BMAC11Rectal Temperature Probe (All Monitors)

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