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A transcapsule incubator which ensures a suitable enviroment for the infant during any transport condition. An easily detachable main unit,advacne features,va


  • Transport incubator with 3 power sources (AC, DC and battery) available to cope with road ambulance
  • An additional head admittance panel for speedy withdrawal of the infant.
  • Separable main unit with battery weighing only 34kgs.
  • A double walled hood for minimizing radiant heat loss.
  • A built-in pulse oximeter monitors SpO2 accurately by eliminating noise generated by infant movement and a Low resilience mattress which disperses infant’s body pressure effectively.
  • A display showing all the parameters and alarms. and a 1500 lux fluorescent lamp aiding in observation and treatment.
  • An electrostatic filter which maintains clean environment.
  • Alarms for high temperature, set point, power failure, system failure, oxygen concentration limit, skin and oxygen sensor.


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