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BPL X-Rad 300 is a 300 mA, 100 PPS Line Frequency Fixed X-ray solution that combines precise Tube movement, enhanced user Interface providing quality images. Ideal for Diagnostic Centres.
BPL X Rad 300 is powered by an advanced User-friendly Operator Console with a soft touch control of all radiographic parameters. The equipment uses a State of the Art Microcontroller to control various functions and features.


  • 125KV, 300mA line frequency fixed X-Ray
  • Alphanumeric LCD display with 4 X 20 characters for easy viewing
  • Precise selection of KV (1KVp / Step)
  • 155 anatomical programming features for precise selection of KV & mAs based on patient’s anatomy
  • Compatible tables: BPL Plano (horizontal Bucky table); BPL Multio (5-position manual tilt table); BPL Floato (horizontal Bucky table with floating top)

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