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Designed for comfort and for safety, the Ambu-KingSystems’ anaesthesia consumables and accessories redefine the industry standard and offer a wide assortment of quality products in a range of sizes for infants, children and adults. Within the field of anaesthesia, Ambu offers a wide range of products that all have their own place in the difficult airway algorithm which include breathing bags, breathing circuits, face masks, laryngeal masks etc.


  • Face Masks
  • Breathing Bags
  • Universal Flex2® Breathing Circuit Kits
  • Universal F2® Breathing Circuit Kits (Adult)
  • Universal F2® Breathing Circuit Kits (Paediatric)
  • Universal F® Breathing Circuit Kits (The Original Single-Limb Circuit)
  • Bain Circuit Options
  • Single-Limb Circuit Accessories
  • Adult Dual-Limb Breathing Circuit Kits
  • Paediatric Dual-Limb Breathing Circuit Kits
  • Circuit Accessories
  • Non-Rebreathing Circuit Kits
  • KAB CO2 Absorbers and Accessories
  • HMEs & Filters
  • O2 Deliver Options & Accessories
  • Universal Vent F® Breathing Circuit Kits
  • Airways & Bite Blocks
  • King Personal Resuscitators

*BPL Medical Technologies is an authorised Channel partner for distributing selected products of Ambu & Kingsystems in selected geographies

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