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Embedded with ALPINION’s core imaging technology, E-CUBE range uses revolutionary Single Crystal Technology to advance imaging. Equipped with smart and intuitive application software and stable architecture, E-CUBE systems offer you convenienve and flexibility.

The outstanding image quality result from BPL ALPINION’s refined acoustic technology perfectly manages and handles ultrasound signals. Experience the unique imaging performance with unparalleled operating efficiency!

Compact Color Doppler Ultrasound

The Advantage of cart based system combined with a powerful and stable software architecture helps E-cube i7 deliver remarkably excellent image performance for every clinical environment. The application specific imaging technology along with advanced transducer with frequency ranging up to 17 MHz makes i7 a versati…

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Color Doppler Ultrasound

Equipped with Single crystal technology, BPL-ALPINION’s trolley-mounted ultrasounds deliver impeccable image quality and exceptional performance. Designed to fit your needs, we have a wide series of Ultrasounds for diverse applications.

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