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In the field of Emergency Care, Ambu offers a broad assortment of products from resuscitators, suction pumps and CPR barriers to the well-known training manikins and immobilisation devices which are used by Hospitals, ambulance services, aid organisations, training institutions, armed forces etc.


  • Manual Resuscitator Reusable
  • Manual Resuscitator Disposable
  • Valves
  • CPR Barrier
  • Ambu Storage Systems
  • Automatic Resuscitator
  • Emergency Care Resuscitation Oxygen
  • Manual Suction pumps
  • Oesophageal Detector
  • ET Tube
  • Training BLS
  • Training ALS
  • Head Immobiliser
  • Extrication Collars

*BPL Medical Technologies is an authorised Channel partner for distributing selected products of Ambu & Kingsystems in selected geographies

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