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BPL M-Rad 3.5 DR is a 3.5KW high frequency digital mobile X-ray solution which combines unique design and superior image quality at low radiation dosage. A wireless digital flat panel detector for enhanced digital imaging output. Compact and light weight in design makes the BPL M-Rad 3.5 ideal for patient wards, intensive care units and operating rooms.


  • 3.5 KW Output with a 40KHz high frequency X-ray generator
  • Powered by Italian X-ray generators providing improved quality and reliability
  • Wireless Flat Panel detector with a 12.3’ Touch console provides clinicians access to high quality digital radiography images
  • PACS connectivity using LAN/Wi-Fi aids in easy access and transfer of images
  • 1.5mm² Focal spot for superior image quality and reduced radiation exposure for clinicians and patients
  • User friendly control panel with an alphanumeric LCD display & 155 Anatomical programming
  • Adjustable Collimator with high luminescence lamp for easier & faster positioning

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