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BPL C-Ray Prime adds new dimensions to Surgical Imaging through its unique TouchX technology which enables Live Fluoroscopy display, Real time Image management, Laser Aimer operations, Digital Preview Collimation etc., from the touch control panel. It comes with superior design for effortless operations and could be used for multiple clinical applications. Equipped with 40 KHZ, 3.5 KW/ 5 KW High Frequency generator, BPL C-Ray Prime offers a World Class Surgical Imaging experience at low dose.


  • Ergonomic Touch Panel 10” Touch Panel with Tilt & Swivel enables better viewing for the operator
  • Live Fluoro – Live & LIH Fluoroscopy Image display at Control Panel for accurate C-Arm positioning with no retakes
  • Access to Laser Aimer operations with Pointer display on Live/ LIH Image*
  • Digital Preview Collimation from touch control panel without X-Ray exposure helps in dose reduction*#
  • Automatic dose Control to adjust system’s exposure automatically as per the body region
  • Low Rate Pulsed Fluoroscopy available for significant dose reduction*#
  • Digital Image Rotation from Control Panel
  • Available in 2 variants based on image memory that will suit your needs & workflow
  • Variant 1: BPL C-Ray Prime MXDI with PC Memory
  • Variant 2: BPL C-Ray Prime MXSI with Embedded Memory

*Optional Features 

# Available in MXDI Memory only

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