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The E-CUBE 7 delivers compact and powerful image performance for a fast and confident clinical decision, a smart-software package for multiple applications, and design ergonomics to maximise space efficiency and mobility. Embedded with BPL-ALPINION’s core imaging technology and imaging platform, the E-CUBE 7 provides clinicians excellent 2D, colour flow, CW/PW Doppler performance.


  • 19″ Wide 19.5″ LED monitor
  • Slim Design with Efficient Workflow
  • Powerful Image Performance
  • Lightweight and slim design provides the best fit for small spaces and excellent mobility
  • Unique single crystal technology
  • Integrated acoustic technology for high resolution images
  • Ergonomic design technology for excellent grip and lightweight transducers
  • Innovative flexible software driven imaging platform for system stability and easy upgrades with minimum hardware changes
  • DICOM 3.0 standard, MPPS and Modality work list
  • Optimal storage formats (USB, CD/DVD and network storage connections)
  • Core imaging technology set (SCI, FTHI, FCI, SRI and FullSRI™)
  • Lucrative 3D/4D engine for routine OB/GYN exams
  • One touch auto optimization for 2D, Color and Doppler
  • Auto IMT
  • Auto trace PW, CW
  • Application Specific Measurement Package
  • Optimized for Multiple Applications: General Imaging/ Musculoskeletal/ OB/GYN

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