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The outstanding quality of E-CUBE 9 DIAMOND enables a refined acoustic technology that precisely manages and handles ultrasound signals. ALPINION’s unique and flexible imaging platform, FleXcan™ architecture enhances system stability and helps to maintain system performance to the latest software version. The reliable imaging platform guarantees uniform image quality.The unique imaging platform and proprietary acoustic technology of the E-CUBE 9 DIAMOND delivers uniform image quality and crystal clear image performance to clinicians.


  • Uniform and fundamentally excellent image quality across the whole product lifetime
  • Refined acoustic technology with great delicacy that manages and handles ultrasound signals perfectly
  • Unique and flexible imaging platform, FleXcan™ Architecture, enhances system stability
  • Delivers uniform image quality and crystal clear image performance to clinicians
  • Creates optimized images for each application by effectively decreasing artifacts and enhancing the borderline of each organ
  • Single crystal technology (Crystal Signature™), results in high-resolution image, wide-bandwidth images, and deep penetration
  • 19” Wide 19.5″ LED Monitor – A high-quality and wide LED monitor required for medical reviews
  • Built in Gel Warmer for added patient comfort
  • MicroFit technology™, unique design for optimal scan conditions
  • Lightweight transducer and flexible cable
  • Excellent performance in 2D /Color /Doppler mode
  • A wide selection of transducers that include various high-density convex transducers
  • Customized package for cardio-vascular exams

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