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Ultra-Premium Respiratory Support for Invasive/Non-Invasive applications, with a full bandwidth of diagnostic and therapeutic tools for innovative and intuitive vantilation. Common clinical standards to the ventilator -integrated impedance tomography (VIT), which remains unique in the world


  • Trolley mounted Ultra-Premium class ventilator suitable for Adult and Paediatric applications with intelligent algorithms and evaluations resulting highest quality of ventilation.
  • Provides respiratory support for invasive and non-invasive conditions in all Intensive Care activities – 25 different ventilation modes available.
  • Instant View Technology that gives the operator an intuitive grasp of the patient’s situation by displaying crucial parameters instantly.
  • PEEPfinder® for optimizing the settings of ventilator and supporting lung-protective ventilation.
  • Cuffscout® simple cuff management to reduce VAP risk.
  • Optimised ventilation with bespoke sedation.
  • Tools to assist the weaning process.
  • High-Flow O2 (HFOT) , Weaninganalyzer® ,Mesh nebulizer, Automatic patient detection APD ,Hygiene function (monitors the timely replacement of accessories), Mainstream or side stream CO2 , NIV package ,Chest Monitoring, Transport option.
  • The 18.5” large display with touch screen facility helps in better monitoring of patients and user friendly.
  • The fully disinfect able surface enables hygienic operation at minimal cost.
  • Display of Parameters, Waveforms, Graphs and Loops.
  • Audio and Visual alarms for pre-set limits.
  • Configurable Trend data of 90 days.
  • Additional batteries for extended back up.

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