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Guarantees enhanced connectivity and uninterrupted workflow with the best-in-class cables. BPL Medical Technologies offers a wide range of reliable and robust ECG patient cables, which can seamlessly be integrated with BPL devices, facilitating superior functionality


Patient Monitor cables
Product Code Compatible with
91MED041BM 5519/OM 5509 Patient Cable
91MED080Magna, Cleo Plus, Agenta Plus, Aegis Plus, Elixo & 5855
Monitor Patient Cable
9GMAC001ClearSign & SmartSign Patient Cable (5 Leads)
12L5A001Excello ECO, Ultima Prime & Clareo ECG Patient Cable (5 Leads)
ECG cables
Product Code Compatible with
12L09006Cardiart 108T DIGI ECG Patient Cable
91MED007Cardiart 108T ECG Patient Cable
91MED038Cardiart 6108 ECG Patient Cable
91MED060Cardiart 6108T ECG Patient Cable
91MED099Cardiart 6108T ECG Compatible ECG Patient Cable
12L17007Cardiart 6208 ECG Patient Cable
13L9A008Cardiart 6208 View/View Plus, 9108, 8108 View/View Plus ECG Patient Cable
91MED030Cardiart 8108 ECG Patient Cable
STS cables
Product Code Compatible with
13L20002Dynatrac ECG Patient Cable
Defibrillator cables
Product Code Compatible with
91MED081DF2509/R Patient Cable
8BMAC001DF2617/R Patient Cable
13L1B002Relife 700 Patient Cable (5 Leads)
Cardiac Analyser Cables
Product Code Compatible with
9DMAC002TRACK 48 Holter Recorder
Patient Cable (10 Leads)
9DMAC001TRACK 48 Holter Recorder
Patient Cable (5 Leads)
9DMAC003TRACK 48 Holter Recorder
Patient Cable (7 Leads)

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