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Designed with excellent fibre optics and gold switch contacts, Diamond FibreLight Range is a fully interchangeable, internationally compatible laryngoscope system that provides brighter light, premium quality and performance for life. Diamond FibreLight range is designed with an ability to withstand repeated autoclave treatment. Cool, bright light ensures there is  no risk of tissue burns from hot lamps during lengthy intubations.


  • Excellent fibreoptics and gold switch contacts – ability to withstand repeated autoclave treatment
  • Five year guarantee on light guide, and lifetime guarantee* on all blades and handles
  • Removable light guide design – extends blade life, and allows easier cleaning and polishing quality you can trust
  • Superior polished finish – easy to clean and sterilise
  • Cool, bright light – no risk of tissue burns from hot lamps during lengthy intubations
  • Convenient single size standard Penlon lamp for all handle sizes

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