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Advanced ICU Ventilator along with features of HFT & Lung Insufflation for treating paediatric & adult patients.

In HFT mode the device provides a constant flow of five to 60 liters per minute. An oxygen feed also can be added. The flow of air is heated and humidified (for example, with prisma VENT AQUA) and delivered to the patient via a nasal cannula. The patient interface comes in different sizes for non-invasive use. A different interface is available for invasive application.

The prisma VENT50-C also may be used with a single tube with patient valve and with other tube systems with nasal cannula for High-Flow Therapy.


  • Invasive and Non-invasive application: Vent 50-C Supports both ET tube & Mask ventilation in Paediatric and Adult patients
  • HFT/HFNC Mode: A constant High flow Oxygen of 5-60 Liters/min is possible, which improves oxygenation
  • Conventional Ventilation modes: Pressure control and spontaneous modes to meet patient demand.
  • Tidal volume Target: Tidal volume from 100ml – 2000ml can be targeted to assure volume delivery
  • Waveforms, Alarms & Event log: Volume, Pressure & Flow waveforms can be viewed along with unique alarm management for utmost safety
  • LIAM function: Lung Insufflation Assist Maneuver for cough support and secretion management
  • Data Storage & Connectivity: Up to 8 GB therapy data can be saved and transferred through prisma CONNECT option

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