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Ensures maximum accuracy in every clinical setup Respiratory accessories from BPL Medical Technologies ensure fast and accurate delivery of inhaled gas therapy to patients in hospitals and alternative care environments


CodeOxygen Concentrator Respiratory Accessories
94MAC001OG4203 Humidifier Jar
09L94003OG4203 Inlet Filter (New)
94MAC014OG4203 Tube Set
13L94013OG4203 Nasal Cannula (5 Meter)
09L8E002OG4305 Humidifier Jar (Dual Input Model)
13L8E002OG4305 Air Intake Filter
CodeAnaesthesia Workstation Respiratory Accessories
09L2E001E-Flo 6/E-Flo 6D/E-Flo 7 O2 Pipeline Supply Inlet Assembly
09L2E002E-Flo 6/E-Flo 6D/E-Flo 7 N2O Pipeline Supply Inlet Assembly
09L2E003E-Flo 6/E-Flo 6D/E-Flo 7 Air Pipeline Supply Inlet Assembly
09L2E004E-Flo 6/E-Flo 6D/E-Flo 7 O2 Pipeline Supply Assembly
09L2E005E-Flo 6/E-Flo 6D/E-Flo 7 N2O Pipeline Supply Assembly
09L2E006E-Flo 6/E-Flo 6D/E-Flo7 Air Pipeline Supply Assembly
09L2E007E-Flo 6/E-Flo 6D/Flowmeter Assembly for 4 Tubes
09L2E008E-Flo 6/E-Flo 6D/E-Flo 7 Auxiliary O2 Flowmeter Assembly
09L2E009E-Flo 6/E-Flo 6D/E-Flo 7 Disposable Patient Breathing Circuit for Adult (Latex Free)

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